Sample Menu

Simple homecooked food is available at lunchtime between 12 & 2pm. We try to buy from local businesses where possible eg: bread is from the local bakery & meat & pies from a nearby butchers. We have our own allotment and greenhouse so that when produce is available it can be used for soups and salad.
We also aim for value for money so you will not find anything over priced.
Wed - Sunday Menu (sample) served 12:00 - 14:00

Homemade soups & Casseroles: £4.60 - £6.00
Variety of three different homemade soups (meat, veggie & vegan) served in a large bowl with a seeded roll from the bakery (see our soups board in the pub for today's selection of soups) - add a sandwich to your soup for just £1.50 extra (ham, tuna or cheese)
Hearty casseroles (served at weekends in cooler months) eg: game, pheasant, rabbit, liver, bacon & onions or sausage

Ploughman's (served over the summer): £6.00
Pork pie, cheeses, cottage roll, crisps, salad garnish & homemade Childers Chutneys

Homemade Chickpea and sweet corn burgers: £4.00
Served in a cob with fried onions and salad filling ( suitable for vegetarians and vegans)

Hot/Cold Cobs: £2.35 - £3.20
Cheese (with onion, tomato or chutney)
Vegan cheese
Tuna mayonnaise
Home-cooked ham (plain or with tomato or Childers Chutney)
Ham and cheese
Fish finger
Bacon with melted Stilton or brie
Add salad inside your cob - 50p extra
Add a side salads to your cob, toastie or ciabatta - £1.50 extra
Homemade Childers Chutney is available at no extra charge

Toasties: £2.50-£3.00
Cheese (add tomato or onion)
Ham (add tomato)
Ham and cheese
Tuna and cheese
Brie and cranberry

Toasted Ciabattas: £3.30
.Chedder, apple & onion
Pear & Stilton
Brie, pesto and sweet red pepper
Brie, mushroom and tomato

Pot of tea - £1.50
Rombouts filter coffee - £1.50
Homemade cake is usually available at the weekends for those who want something to finish off with!
Bakewell puddings from The Original Bakewell Pudding Shop and homemade whisky and ginger ice cream are also available to finish off with.

Sunday menu
On Sundays we don't serve bacon or toasties but we have lovely hot roast cobs - £3.50
Roast potatoes - £1.50 extra